Our Brand Story

About Us

Harmoniverse is the first-ever journey-driven holistic music learning platform for Indian Classical Music bringing together a unique blend of world renowned Indian classical artists, along with a traditional rich course curated by the finest music aficionados and scholars.. Our key offerings for this learning journey would be live learning sessions with some of the most sought after Gurus, workshops and performance opportunities on global stage as well as production opportunities for advanced learners. A unique, one of its kind project- this will seek to promote Indian culture and creativity by providing musical journeys to the learners globally.

Our Philosophy and Brand Story

‘Our principles are driven by a blend of traditionalism and modernism, wherein we aim to globalise the traditional Indian teaching methodology through modern day meaningful framework - Guru Shishya Parampara, where a 'guru' or an instructor plays an integral and a continuous role in the metamorphosis of the 'shishya' or the learner until the learner acquires enough skills to independently perform on his/her own and propagate the learning to others.’ The student eventually masters the knowledge that the guru embodies.

Live online learning sessions from eminent musicians-Gurus

Local UK based workshops for practice with accompaniments

Detailed curated course structure, focused on learning objectives

Creation of avenues for stage performances with Guru.

Fostering confidence, tenacity and constructive criticism in young learners.

Diverse, varied international community.

Enabling collaboration with advanced musicians, internal and external to platform.

Experiment with classical music from other genres, incl Western classical.

Mentoring from composition to launch.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be UK’s best and largest Indian Classical music learning platform by 2022 empowered by technology, with a strong focus on performance-driven learning & development and by providing access to the world’s best instructors to enable a seamless, top-quality experience to our learners, no matter which city, council or countryside they reside within the UK.

Our Mission

Harmoniverses mission is to create future artists , to foster culture and creativity, rather than being a mere learning platform. We are committed to ensuring that our learner develops a genuine appreciation for arts and culturea nd undergoes the musical journey we are looking to provide.

  • To ensure sustained quality of service to our subscribers through innovations in technology, teaching practises and course content.
  • To ensure learner progress is well monitored, measured and documented through our Harmoniverse learning module.
  • To foster creativity and innovations within learners through experiments with different instruments, vocal styles.
  • To identify prestigious events and venues for performances by our students.
  • To seek collaborations and partnerships to strengthen our course, assessment methodologies to maximise learning benefits.

Our Collaborations and Partnerships

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Meet Our Team

We have a diverse team of technologists ,artists, educationists, consultants and world-renowned musicians working together to re-ignite the sacred Guru Shishya Parampara in the realm of the modern times and promote Indian culture and creativity in a global way. We are a unique platform, due to the member's varied backgrounds, expertise and more importantly, passion to cultivate and re-imagine the traditional methods to make learning more seamless, outcome oriented and meaningful to aspirational learners. Below is a glimpse of our esteemed team members.

Anannya Sarkar CEO & Founder

A Product Management Consultant in IOT Services, an avid public speaker and an arts enthusiast and performer on Indian classical music with Hawaiian Guitar, formally trained from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad, India. As a performing arts enthusiast , Anannya is the founder of Harmoniverse Learning Platform, and is responsible for overall strategy, collaborations, execution and quality of learning services delivered.

Joyeta Choudhury Co-Founder & Chief Curator

An empanelled ‘Kheyal’ artist by SPICMACAY, Rajya Sangeet Academy and several prestigious institutions, Smt. Joyeta Choudhury is one of the most celebrated names in the realm of Indian classical music of the new generation. A recipient of several prestigious awards, she has performed extensively across prestigious venues in various worldwide. As the co-Founder of Harmoniverse, she is responsible for creating the teaching curriculum and course for the platform. Also, she will serve as a Guru for intermediate to advanced stages.

Rupak Bhattacharjee Advisor & Co-Curator

resident’s award in 2004 and several prestigious awards, he has traveled all over the world, leaving the audience mesmerized as a solo and accompanying performer with almost all the doyens and luminaries of Indian classical music. A Professor of Electronics with Calcutta University, 'A' grade tabla artist with All India Radio & Doordarshan, Rupak is one of the finest tabla players of the new generation. At Harmoniverse, he is a Guru responsible for ensuring artist connects, quality of instructors associated with platform and general advisory.

Indrani Bhattacharya Head-Student Engagement

14+ years of experience in the global learning sector. Served as Head Teacher for Delhi Public School, Kolkata. Currently, Senior teacher at a reputed school in United KIngdom. Responsible for Learner engagement, Instructor on-boarding, certifications, Course translation to RQF standards and ensuring Quality of Service during operations, especially for teaching curriculum.

Narendran Sivakumar Head - Technology

Alumni-Malardalen University in Sweden, A patent holder, Technology innovator. At Harmoniverse, Narendran is responsible for GTM strategy and general advisory.


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